Addressing Water Resources and Sustainability in Upper Level Courses

Monday 1:30pm-4:00pm Student Union: Mirage/Thunderbird
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Gigi Richard, Fort Lewis College

This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss, develop, and share ideas on addressing water resources and sustainability in undergraduate courses. Participants will be introduced to water resources data that can be used in classes as well as water resource-related interdisciplinary course materials from the InTeGrate program.

Several interactive, interdisciplinary modules related to water resources have been developed through the InTeGrate program. InTeGrate course materials are robust, peer-reviewed, and tested and freely available for application in your courses. Participants will be introduced to the structure of InTeGrate resources and in particular to resources on Water Sustainability in Cities, Water: Science and Society, Water, Agriculture and Sustainability, and The Future of Food.

Participants are asked to bring with them an idea for course in which they would like to insert a water-resource activity. During the workshop, participants will explore available InTeGrate materials and develop a plan for how these materials could fit into one of their courses.

This workshop is interactive and will involve actively working on course material development and exploration of online resources. All participants are asked to bring a laptop or tablet for use during the workshop.


By the end of this workshop, participants will have:

  • explored InTeGrate water-resources and sustainability-related resources
  • explored water resources data that can be used in class activities and exercises
  • developed a detailed plan for a new water resources and sustainability-related lesson or activity

Program - Don't forget to bring your laptop or tablet!

1:30 Welcome and Introductions

1:45 How and where does water fit into the curriculum?

2:00 Drought jigsaw activity

2:20 Guided exploration of water-resource and sustainability related InTeGrate resources and useful data

InTeGrate Water-Related Course Materials:

Water Data Sources:

2:40 Discussion and brainstorming of how you can integrate these materials and/or data into a course

2:50 Development of a detailed plan for your new activity

3:35 Share activities

3:55 End of Workshop Evaluation

4:00 Adjourn