Inclusion in the Geosciences-Instructional Approaches to Access and Accommodation

Wednesday 1:30pm-4:00pm Student Union: Santa Ana A and B
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Wendi J. W. Williams, South Texas College
Gretchen Miller, Wake Technical Community College

A professional development opportunity for current and future K- Higher Education geoscience faculty on behalf of the International Association for Geoscience Diversity ( Need strategies and peer-mentored practice toward implementing inclusive educational design? From classroom to field experience design and management, this session will provide suggestions to modifying pedagogical "ways of doing" to reinforce increasing the diversity of student experiences using Universal Design in our STEM environments.


Participants in this workshop will:

  1. Learn about common barriers to access and inclusion within geosciences education;
  2. Be introduced to the principles of Universal / Inclusive Design for Learning (UDL/IDL); and
  3. Explore accommodations for both physical and non-apparent disabilities.


Note: There are four main focus areas. For each, a variety of resources will be provided but the participants will decide the one aspect to delve into during that part of the agenda.

1:30 Welcome and Introductions

  • International Association for Geoscience Diversity - A Community and Wealth of Resources
1:40 Focus - Learn about Barriers to the Geosciences Curriculum
  • Ending the Awkward / People First Language
  • Learning Environments (Classroom, Laboratory and Field Settings)
  • Modes of Delivery (Face2Face , Hybrid / Blended, and Online)

2:10 Focus - Introduction to Universal / Inclusive Design for Learning (UDL/IDL)

  • National Center on Universal Design for Learning
  • DO-IT
  • AccessSTEM

2:40 Brain Break

2:50 Focus - Highlight Accommodations for Physical Disabilities

  • Blind, Low Vision, and Color Vision Deficiency Resources
  • Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
  • Physical (Mobility) Impairment Resources

3:20 Focus - Highlight Accommodations for Non-Apparent Disabilities

  • Self-Regulation
  • Emotional and Psychiatric Conditions
  • Learning Disabilities

3:50 Reflection then Workshop Evaluation

4:00 Adjourn

Special Invitation: If you would like to continue this inclusive discussion, you are invited to join the IAGD Working Group during our Thursday, 20 July, session from Noon - 1:30 PM in Santa Ana A&B. Feel free to bring your lunch with you!


The workshop will consist of short presentations, group activities, and discussion / reflection. Personal wifi-enabled devices are highly recommended for this workshop.

Special Note: If you are a Person with Disability planning to participate in this Mini-Workshop that would like to contact the facilitators in advance for additional consideration in accommodation, please feel free to contact Wendi at prior to EER 2017 .