Shaping the Future of Geoscience Education

Tuesday 7:30pm-8:30pm CIRES Auditorium


Heather Macdonald, College of William and Mary
Anthony Feig, Central Michigan University
Laura Lukes, University of British Columbia
karen mcneal, Auburn University Main Campus
Eric Riggs, Humboldt State University
Kristen St. John, James Madison University

We welcome all Rendezvous participants to this Town Hall. We'll start with an overview of just-in-time highlights from our workshop on Synthesizing Geoscience Education Research (GER), and then pose questions about future research directions for GER, connecting GER research and teaching practice, and supporting the GER community.


Developing and supporting a community GER research agenda

How might the community develop an agenda that collected important resources, prioritized critical questions, and provided design, analysis, and funding support? Could consensus yield effective and efficient research efforts, identify key limiters, align pipeline with product, and provide a foundation for both intellectual merit and broader impacts? (Tim Shipley)

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How can we better translate GER research into teaching practice?

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How can we better support the GER community of practice?

  • Those interested in becoming GERers
  • Those who are GERers

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Shaping the Future -- Discussion  

One thing that crossed my mind are the multiple ways that folks can participate in GER and how to attract folks at these different 'levels of interest' or 'activities.' I don't really want to lead GER projects, write proposals for them, etc. because I still have an active undergraduate research program in geoscience and I honestly don't have time to move into a whole new research area with its concomitant language and body of literature. But I am a great worker bee. I love to lead workshops. I love to be the guinea pig or the instructor for a class that is used for the testing. I love being at that level of a supporting role. So it would seem to me that it might be useful to consider the different ways that faculty can access GER that is appropriate to them, then target those faculty.


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