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Accessible and inclusive: An evolution of universally-designed teaching and learning in geoscience field courses
Christopher Atchison, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus

Abstract Sessions: Innovations in Inclusive Teaching Practices

Ductile and Brittle Fault Rocks in the Upper and Lower Crust, Respectively.
Robert Wintsch, Indiana University-Bloomington

Abstract Sessions: Fault Zones from Top to Bottom

Stress thresholds and strain localization in the viscous regime
Christopher Gerbi, University of Maine

Abstract Sessions: Rheology of the Lithosphere

The Rheology of Deep Slow Slip during Subduction: the View from the Rock Record
Cailey Condit, University of Washington-Tacoma Campus

Abstract Sessions: Rheology of the Lithosphere

Listwaenite Genesis in Upper Crustal Extensional Fault Zones at the base of the Semail Ophiolite, Oman
Chuck Bailey, College of William and Mary

Abstract Sessions: Fault Zones from Top to Bottom

How should terrane assemblages be defined in the northern Appalachian orogen?
Yvette Kuiper, Colorado School of Mines

Abstract Sessions: Advances in structural geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and tectonics

Chronology of Andean Orogenesis from the Sedimentary Archive: Opportunities and Challenges Using Detrital Thermochronology
Julie Fosdick, University of Connecticut

Abstract Sessions: Adding "t" to Structural Geology and Tectonics

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