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On the Cutting Edge Evaluation

The evaluation plan addresses two major effort domains of the project: the workshops and the website. All evaluations provide information to enable project staff to answer the following questions:"What are the results we are trying to achieve?" "Given these, who do we have to reach?" "What programs do we have with which to reach them?" "What evidence do we have that we did what we planned?"

The intent of the evaluation is both formative and summative. From a formative perspective, we look to improve our overall program including the workshops, website collections, and leadership program.The current objectives of the summative evaluation plan are to assess the impact of the workshops and website on faculty teaching and student learning. A second aim is to evaluate how the program contributes to the research base on effective faculty development.

The evaluation plan uses a theory of change to examine and identify the strongest and most compelling evidence for the program impacts.

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Publications and Presentations

Survey Instruments

Evaluation Reports

Overarching summary evaluation

The following comprehensive reports evaluate all components of the Cutting Edge project over long periods of time and utilize a variety of evaluation techniques (surveys, interviews, other analysis).

Interview studies

The following reports present findings of interview studies related to either the Cutting Edge workshop program or website.

Survey studies

The following reports present findings of surveys related to the Cutting Edge workshop program or website.

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