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Resources for Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Teach Geoscience

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Data sources for GIS/RS analyses

Online data sources for georeferenced data have become a critical component of spatial analysis. Our listings of online data sources contain links to the thematic, topographic, and remote sensing data sources most widely used by geoscientists, including an up-to-date and comprehensive list of links to data sources for individual states in the US.

Sample syllabi for GIS/RS courses

Looking for ideas on how to structure a GIS or remote sensing course? Curious about what goals other people have for their courses?

"THE LIST": Ideal student outcomes from an intro GIS or remote sensing course

At the 2010 On the Cutting Edge workshop on GIS/remote sensing, we asked both faculty and employers to describe the ideal profile of a student coming out of an introductory level course in GIS or remote sensing. We have synthesized that list into a useful composite profile that will help faculty design better GIS/RS courses.

Online collection of assignments/activities for teaching GIS and remote sensing

Resources from two courses, one in GIS and one in RS

In addition to individual activities and assignments from a variety of courses, our resource collection includes all of the assignments and activities from two courses, one in GIS and one in remote sensing.

Tips for teaching GIS and remote sensing

At the 2010 On the Cutting Edge workshop on GIS/remote sensing, workshop participants lent their considerable experience in teaching GIS or remote sensing at the college level to developing tips for others who either teach these courses or are interested in developing such courses. Our online resource contains tips on the following. If a topic listed below does not have a hot link, the tips page for that topic is temporarily under construction:

Teaching in the field using GIS and remote sensing

Geologic mapping can be done using a variety of electronic devices, generically known as GeoPads, for recording field data and making maps. The online GeoPads resource collection provides information and advice on teaching with GeoPads. If you are interested in teaching in the field in general, browse the resources developed for the August 2010 On the Cutting Edge workshop Teaching Geoscience in the Field in the 21st Century.

PowerPoint presentations from 2010 workshop

In August, 2010, On the Cutting Edge held a 3-day workshop in Bozeman, Montana, on Teaching Geoscience Using GIS and Remote Sensing in the 21st Century.The workshop was attended by 70 college and university faculty who teach GIS and/or remote sensing. The workshop web site contains the workshop program with links to all of the presentations given by participants and invited speakers at the workshop, a list of participants and their contributions to the online resource collections, and information about the workshop itself.

Join the Discussion

Join the discussion about remote sensing and GIS on the GIS Email List or view the list archives.

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