Contributor: Harriet C.P. Lau

This set of GeoContext slides addresses the colonialist and imperialist context that our understanding of concepts of isostasy have been studied in. The British survey of India serves as an example of colonialist impact on the establishment of the theory and application of isostasy. These slides introduce the British colonial goals in the survey of India, as well as the notable Indian pandits, whose knowledge of the land enabled the survey. Each slide is accompanied by notes in Powerpoint (not visible in preview) and additional information in the companion guide.

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GeoContext Isostasy Slides
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GeoContext - Isostasy Slides (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 18.5MB Oct26 21)

GeoContext - Isostasy Companion Guide (Acrobat (PDF) 382kB Oct28 21)

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