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Rock Cycle Courses


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Petrology and Plate Tectonics
Allen Glazner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
This course is organized around the igneous and metamorphic processes that govern the rock cycle, all within the context of plate tectonics. Rather than addressing igneous and metamorphic rocks and processes as ...

Introduction to the Geosciences
Leslie Reid, University of Calgary
This course focuses on physical geology. The course focuses on 5 Big Ideas including Plate Tectonics, The Rock Cycle, Geologic Time, Geoscience Research and Scientific Thinking. There are also four skills that are ...

Python Programming for Earth Science Students
Lisa Tauxe, University of California-San Diego
Computers are essential to all modern Earth Science research. We use them for compiling and analyzing data, preparing illustrations like maps or data plots, writing manuscripts, and so on. This class teaches how to ...

Untold Stories in Geosciences: Social and Historical Contexts of the Development of Geosciences as a Discipline
Jeemin Rhim, Dartmouth College
Through reading discussions and writing assignments, this class investigates 1) how a set of founding principles in geosciences was established on the basis of scientific racism and colonialism; 2) how the history ...

Online Physical Geology for Educators 710 (graduate level)
Ann Holmes, The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Graduate level Physical Geology for Educators Course description: Earth's internal structure, plate tectonics, the rock cycle, weathering and earth materials, natural resources, geochemical cycles and the ...

Introduction to Research Program Development
Karen Viskupic, Boise State University
The goal of this course is to help new graduate students get started in their research research program, and to help them develop skills that will lead to their success in graduate school and beyond. Activities in ...

Introduction to Environmental Studies
Jason C. Neff, University of Colorado at Boulder
The material covers the ecological and physical aspects of environmental change and the socioeconomic, political, and technological factors that influence the quality of life on Earth. Short course videos and ...

Structural Analysis of Rocks and Regions (SARR)
Florian Fusseis, The University of Edinburgh
SARR aims to reverse the theory-first/application-second approach of most common structural geology textbooks. It confronts students with lectures and practicals on deformed regions around the globe that, combined, ...

Introduction to Remote Sensing
Jane Dmochowski, University of Pennsylvania
This course introduces students to the principles of remote sensing, characteristics of remote sensors, and remote sensing applications. Areas emphasized include manipulating data in Google Earth Engine, ...

Earth and the Environment
Laura Ruhl, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
This is an interdisciplinary introductory level undergraduate course that explores various aspects of environmental geology, as well as introducing basic geologic concepts.