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On the Cutting Edge - The On the Cutting Edge project runs a series of faculty professional development workshops every year. Topics range from preparation for an academic career to designing innovative courses to emerging themes such as teaching with visualizations and incorporating new discoveries from planetary exploration into geoscience classes. Check out the workshop schedule to get more information on this year's lineup of workshops as well as links to past workshops.

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InTeGrate Workshops - These workshops are aimed at developing program and course level strategies and materials to address societal issues, geosciences, and sustainability. Resulting resources include a rich collection of teaching activities, course descriptions, and essays.

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Building Strong Geoscience Departments - The Building Strong Geoscience Departments project runs workshops focusing on department-level challenges and strategies. Past topics have included curriculum and program design, program assessment, and student recruitment. The workshop page lists upcoming and past workshops.

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Associated Colleges of the Midwest: Faculty Career Enhancement Project - Supported by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the ACM Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Project has provided opportunities for faculty at ACM colleges since 2004. With renewed funding from the Mellon Foundation in 2008, Phase II of the FaCE Project supports a variety of new initiatives, building on lessons derived in the first years of activity.

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Use the listing below to browse through all the current workshop announcements. These announcements will contain information about each workshop as well as links to the workshop website. You can also search through all the websites from past workshops.

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Geoscience Education Research Community Planning Workshop
Jul 18-20 2016 The Geoscience Education Research (GER) Community Planning workshop will serve as a forum for discussion by the GER community on what is most needed to support current and future geoscience education researchers. ...

Introducing Active Learning Strategies to Large Intro Courses
Jul 18-20 2016 Research in STEM disciplines has revealed a suite of empirically validated instructional practices that can contribute to improvements in student learning and a reduction in attrition. We will outline a series of ...

Preparing for an Academic Career
Jul 18-20 2016 This workshop is designed specifically for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and others who are interested in pursuing academic careers in the geosciences. Workshop leaders will provide guidance and ...

Designing NGSS Aligned Classroom Assessment Tasks to Support Instruction
Jul 18-20 2016 NGSS-ESS aligned instruction will naturally provide many opportunities for teachers to observe and record evidence of student learning. Assessment tasks comprised of multiple components reflect the connections ...

GeoNeeds: Broadening Participation in the Geosciences Workforce
Jul 21-22 2016 This workshop is for faculty and administrators who would like to build or expand opportunities for students to engage with the geosciences (atmospheric and climate science, engineering geoscience, geology, ...

Teaching Sustainability and the Environment Within and Across Disciplines
Jul 21-22 2016 Sustainability challenges are often "wicked problems" that require a transdisciplinary approach to adequately define and understand. As such, teaching sustainability requires faculty to teach outside of ...

Workshop for Early Career Geoscience Faculty
Jul 24-29 2016 July 24-28, 2016 with optional visit to NSF on July 29 University of Maryland, College Park, MD The application deadline for this workshop was March 16, 2016 Join us for a multi-day workshop in a stimulating and ...

2016 Workshop for Heads and Chairs of Earth and Space Sciences Departments
Dec 11 2016 Sunday, December 11, 2016, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco Location: TBD Workshop registration deadline: Friday, Nov. 4th. This one-day workshop provides an opportunity for heads and chairs of Earth and Space ...

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