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Initial Publication Date: November 2, 2007

Contribute an Activity

If you have an activity you've used with your students that you think would be a good candidate for inclusion in the library you can contribute it right now, online. The first step is to fill out this form which will lead you through describing your activity and uploading any relevant documents. After it's been vetted by our staff (to weed out spam) you'll be able to further edit your activity whenever you like--again through an online interface. We have a page with some additional tips on making the presentation of your activity effective as well as more information about the mechanics of working with your submission.

Contribute a Teaching Method

If you'd like to write a description of a teaching method, perhaps to get wider exposure for a technique you've found effective, please get in touch ( We can work with you to figure out how your ideas might best fit into the growing collection and in some cases funding may be available to support new modules on key topics. For a more complete description of what is involved visit Creating Activities and Modules .

Become a Partner in the Pedagogic Service

Becoming a partner in the Pedagogic Service goes beyond contributing individual activities or teaching methods modules. SERC works with partners to build custom subsets of the library that integrate into the partner's existing websites and directly support their programs and goals.

A small group working on a document
Engage faculty in critical reflection on their own teaching

Partnerships for Campus-Based Centers of Teaching and Learning

A Pedagogic Service partnership can play a key role in engaging faculty on your campus in conversation about effective pedagogy and how it relates to their classrooms. One model that has been particularly effective is to integrate the documenting of existing faculty activities (through our contribute an activity tools) as part of on-campus workshops. This both serves as a catalyst for reflection and conversation among faculty at the workshop and produces a website which documents the activities and outcomes for those on campus and beyond. The website can be seamlessly integrated into existing campus information about teaching and learning and serve as a conduit through which activities on your campus can be found through the Pedagogy in Action site as well as in other partner sites.

Partnerships for Digital Libraries

There are a variety of existing models for collaboration between digital libraries and the Pedagogic Service. Digital libraries can draw from the library of teaching methods modules and activities to create custom subsets of materials that can be integrated into their libraries; tying information about effective teaching directly to relevant digital library resources. The Pedagogic Service has also worked to more directly coordinate with other digital libraries through web services based information passing arrangements. Additionally, the community engagement model described above for campus teaching and learning centers can also be an effective tool for engaging a digital libraries' user community and growing its collection.

Partnerships for Education Projects

For education projects a partnership with the Pedagogic Service offers both an opportunity to integrate you materials into a number of other portals and partner sites as well as the opportunity to draw from the existing libraries to quickly flesh out your project's site with relevant pedagogic guidance and appropriate classroom activities. Join with a community of like-minded projects and people working to foster meaningful dialog around good pedagogy.

Want concrete examples? check out what our current partners are doing.

Want to find out more about becoming a partner?
Please contact:
Cathy Manduca
Carleton College