Kristin O'Connell

Senior Evaluation/Education Specialist
Science Education Resource Center- Carleton College
koconnell at carleton dot edu
(507) 222-5342

The principles that influence my work and life are modeling and promoting: respect, inclusion and social justice, and evidence-based practices. I see the most meaningful improvements occurring not by simplifying, but by seeking to understand our dynamic, interconnected, and multifaceted selves and world. As an evaluator at SERC, this drives me to work collaboratively to build creative, useful, informative, and inclusive projects where I draw on my lived experience as a geologist, teacher, education researcher, mentor, and evaluator.

Professional Experience

I help to design and implement evaluation of educational projects and conduct research related to professional development, communities of practice and transformation, website design and user experiences, and change with the ultimate goal of improving higher education student outcomes and building evaluation capacity. The project-foci vary from innovative curriculum development projects, professional development programs, student support programs, and websites that increase collaboration and inclusive student-centered teaching and learning.

Recent work includes evaluation and research for Supporting and Advancing Geoscience Education at Two-Year Colleges (SAGE 2YC), Focusing on Cultivating Scientists (FOCUS), Compass: Advancing Earth Education Discovery, and GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI).

Areas of expertise includes:

  • Developing and conducting evaluation studies with approaches that align with project goals (such as developmental evaluation, utilization-focused evaluation, process evaluation, or outcomes-based evaluation).
  • Qualitative methods including interviews and focus groups
  • Designing, administering, and analyzing surveys
  • Designing website usability evaluations
  • Co-developing and measuring program theories of change and theories of action

Prior to my current role, I worked at Carleton's TRIO/Student Support Services as the Quantitative Skills Coordinator and as an advisor. I collaborated with students, staff, and faculty to develop research-based strategies and programming to help support TRIO students' success at and beyond Carleton. This work incorporated student support as well as institutional change strategies.

In the past with SERC, I have also been involved with On the Cutting Edge workshops and website design; the Carleton Interdisciplinary Science & Math Initiative (CISMI), including the broadening access cohorts (FOCUS, CSSF, and CSSI) evaluation; Sustainability Improves Student Learning project management; GeoPRISMS project assistance and evaluation, InTeGrate website and assessment manager, inaugural Earth Educators' Rendezvous project manager, and more.


University of Minnesota, Program Evaluation Post-graduate Certificate, 2020.

University of California, Davis, MS 2009, Thesis: Sedimentology, Structural Geology, and Paleomagnetism of the Ghost Rocks Formation; Kodiak Islands, Alaska. My research has focused on large-scale tectonic movements, combining tectonic, structural geologic, sedimentologic, and paleomagnetic data.

Carleton College, Northfield, MN, BA 2004, Thesis: Ages, geochemistry, and field relationships of mafic dikes along the Wrangell Transect, Southeast Alaska.

Selected Publications

Selected Presentations

  • Fox, Sean, Kristin O'Connell (2021). Compass: What does Success Look Like? Webinar, Compass community meeting (virtual).
  • Iverson, Ellen, Kristin O'Connell (2019). Make space for new evaluation structure and practices through the backbone of program theory: Session leads at the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference (Minneapolis, MN).
  • Pratt-Sitaula, B. A., O'Connell, K., Douglas, B. J., Walker, R., Crosby, B. T., Charlevoix, D. J., & Miller, M. M. (2019). Designing Data-rich Undergraduate Teaching Materials That Get Used. Poster presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2019. AGU.
  • O'Connell, Kristin; Pratt-Sitaula, Beth; Walker, Becca; Douglas, Bruce; Crosby, Ben; Charlevoix, Donna. (2019) Context matters: Designing data-rich geodesy teaching materials that get used, Poster presented at Earth Educators' Rendezvous, (Nashville, Tennessee).
  • Bruckner M., Mogk D., Hochella M., Ranville J., O'Connell K., and Sheriff, K., 2019. Nanotechnology in STEM: Incorporating nanotechnology across the geoscience curriculum, Poster presented at Earth Educators' Rendezvous, (Nashville, Tennessee).
  • O'Connell, Kristin, Iverson, Ellen, Sheriff, Kathryn, 2018. Measuring the Reach and Influence of InTeGrate Materials on Faculty Teaching Practices, Poster presented at 2018 Earth Educators' Rendezvous (Lawrence, KS).
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  • O'Connell, Kristin; Eblen-Zayas, Melissa (2017) Making Connections: How a Small Learning and Teaching Center Has a Big Impact (Acrobat (PDF) 1.3MB Jan27 22). Poster presented at Network of STEM Education Centers (NSEC) National Conference.
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