Initial Publication Date: December 6, 2023

Mission and Approach

At SERC, our mission is to strengthen education through collaborative partnerships.

We envision a future of better science education at all levels, with equitable access to high quality pedagogy and research, and inclusive and diverse environments for teaching and learning.

Our role as a team of professionals with complementary skills is to be a:

  • Collaborator on projects promoting change within the larger academic landscape
  • Hub of infrastructure for education resources to meet the needs of a growing and changing landscape

Through our work at SERC, we aim to:

  • Improve higher education by supporting institutional change and faculty development within and across disciplines
  • Increase equity and diversity in education through materials and practices
  • Engage in research that illuminates teaching, learning and professional development for educators
  • Leverage the strength of communities to develop relevant resources and accelerate change
  • Strengthen opportunities to learn about the Earth and apply that learning to societal priorities and challenges.

Continuous improvement is a fundamental tenet directing us towards achieving our mission. Contact us to find out what is driving us today!