Initial Publication Date: December 6, 2023

Our Work

What We Do: Through projects and collaborations, our diversely-skilled team works with partners to improve science education using time-tested and emerging approaches. We create and host quality teaching materials on our website; design and run transformative workshops, webinars, and conferences; conduct evaluation and education research; and help build and lead a strong community in STEM education nationwide. Our approaches can be combined or used individually to meet the needs of a specific project.

Our Approach: To achieve our vision and meet the goals of our partners, we approach every project with bespoke and multi-faceted strategies. By creating events and forums to bring STEM education communities together, and using our own web-based tools to help them connect and build resources, we guide and lead collaborative projects towards meaningful outcomes.

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With more than 5 million visitors to our site each year, our website hosts one of the largest online collections of pedagogic materials and teaching resources for STEM educators. We help partners create websites, resources, and online collections.

Workshops and Events

We regularly run and support events of all durations, from one-hour webinars to multi-day workshops and conferences.


Our Evaluation Team can help you assess the success of programs, events, and teaching materials and strategies.

Research and Publications

At SERC we lead and support education research in fields including geoscience, biology and ecology, physics, and interdisciplinary studies, and more.


We bring together diverse groups of people who share an interest in improving STEM education.