Initial Publication Date: December 6, 2023

Web Platform


Serckit is our custom-designed web platform, created by our team to support the way we work. Whether you are browsing resources on one of the SERC-hosted websites or creating a program for your SERC-supported workshop, you benefit from our robust, cloud-based platform. Not only do we work to create and manage quality content to share publicly online, we also provide tested tools to increase accessibility, enable collaborative work, and support best practices in pedagogy and education reform.

When you work with SERC, you gain access to Serckit and our team of experts who can help you take full advantage of the platform.

Learn More About Serckit and How to Use It

How Serckit Can Help You and Your Project

Serckit empowers you to build webpages easily to make your project visible online, use collaborative tools to support workshops and webinars, bring collaborators together online, and publish curriculum from single teaching activities to full courses.

What Serckit Does

Hosts and organizes webpages created by SERC and community members with

  • An easy-to-learn website building interface with collaborative editing
  • Navigable website structures for small or large sets of webpages
  • Basic page templates with options to customize
  • Searchable tags and discovery tools

Supports collaborative work and community building through

  • Member profiles
  • Listserv creation and management
  • Discussion forums
  • Private workspaces

Provides templates and structures for many purposes, including

  • Teaching activities and assessments
  • Surveys
  • Applications, registrations, and subscriptions
  • Evaluation 
  • Peer-review process
  • Membership services

Assists users with specialized tools for

  • Data collection
  • Website analytics
  • Privacy settings