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  • The Information for Materials Developers page outlines the materials development process and will lead you to more detailed information for all aspects of the materials development process. Where instructions for the two projects are the same, the pages link directly to InTeGrate information. Where the instructions or details differ, GETSI-specific pages have been developed.
    How materials development for GETSI differs from InTeGrate
    Although the GETSI modules will use nearly the same design rubric as the InTeGrate project, GETSI will have greater emphasis on data inclusion (particularly geodetic data) and quantitative reasoning and emphasize "systems thinking" a little less heavily. The Grand Challenges that GETSI addresses will be related to the ones that geodesy is equipped to address - namely geohazards, climate change, and water resource management. InTeGrate is almost entirely oriented towards Introductory level whereas GETSI includes modules for majors-level students as well. InTeGrate is developing both courses and ~2-week modules, whereas GETSI is only developing modules.
  • Review the entire Climate and Earth Science Literacy Principles or view the GETSI-specific literacy principles (Acrobat (PDF) 51kB Jan18 14).
  • Geodesy Grand Challenges (Acrobat (PDF) 9.7MB Jan24 14) provides an excellent overview of the cutting edge challenges and opportunities related to the field of geodesy.
  • Materials in Progress lists all the links to current development materials along with the names of authors and links to email lists and email archives.
  • Accessibility Style Guide gives guidelines for making documents and websites that will enhance accessibility for users with certain disabilities. For example, use of ranked headings allows reading software to better interpret the parts of a webpage or document.

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  • Forms and Documents for GETSI (private)- Example IRB's, InTeGrate Curriculum Development and Refinement Rubric, GLE questions, Materials Development Reflection Survey, Course Setup form

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