Initial Publication Date: January 27, 2016

Resources on Supporting the Whole Student:

Resources on Supporting Students

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InTeGrate: Support the Whole Student
The "Support the Whole Student" page from the InTeGrate project offers a gateway to information related to supporting students through building community, instilling motivation to succeed, advising and mentoring, and more. It also provides an overview of what it means to support the whole student.

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HHMI Capstone : Increasing the Persistence of All Students in STEM. HHMI Capstone institutions addressing issues of underrepresentation in the sciences (based on race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, first-generation college status, or having attended under-resourced high schools) are tied to longstanding social and cultural inequities that are difficult to address using singular program elements.

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SAGE 2YC: Supporting Student Success
This suite of web pages from Supporting and Advancing Geoscience Education in Two-year Colleges (SAGE 2YC) addresses the particular issues and concerns of supporting students at or from two-year colleges. The site tackles issues of Stereotype Threat and Solo Status, supporting English Language Learners and First Generation Students, and empowering students, among other topics.

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Program Descriptions from InTeGrate
Explore examples of programs from a variety of institutions across the US that were successful in their efforts to attract and support diverse students learning about the Earth. Each program description offers a glimpse at keys to their success, how they attract new students and support their majors, and how they prepare their students for the workforce.

Resources from the 2015 Earth Educators Rendezvous

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Teaching for Diversity oral session at 2015 Earth Educators Rendezvous
Browse abstracts for oral presentations given at the 2015 Earth Educators Rendezvous in Boulder, CO.

Broadening Access to STEM and Geoscience through Support for the Whole Student
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Broadening Access to STEM and Geoscience through Support for the Whole Student (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 21.6MB Jul16 15), a presentation by John McDaris, SERC, provides an overview of the importance of increasing diversity in the geosciences and highlights resources from InTeGrate and SAGE 2YC that address supporting underrepresented groups.

Resources from the 2014 Broadening Access to the Earth and Environmental Sciences Workshop

Dual-Credit Geology Classes at High Schools as a Recruiting Tool for University Geoscience Programs
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Dual-Credit Geology Classes at High Schools as a Recruiting Tool for University Geoscience Programs (PowerPoint 1.2MB Feb24 14), a presentation by Dirk Baron, CSU Bakersfield, discusses how dual-credit courses can provide a gateway for students to study geoscience at the undergraduate level.

Diversity within the Geoscience
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Diversity in the Geosciences (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 223kB Feb24 14), a presentation by Joshua Villalobos, El Paso Community College, makes the case for why programs should strive to increase diversity in the geosciences.

Supporting Underrepresented Undergraduates in Solid Earth Science (Acrobat (PDF) 9.8MB Feb24 14), a presentation by Aisha Morris, UNAVCO, provides an overview of opportunities offered by UNAVCO aimed at increasing diversity by supporting under-represented groups in the geosciences.

Resources from Workshop Participants

  • A Second Year Survey (Acrobat (PDF) 92kB Jan28 16) was used by faculty members at Grinnell College as part of a study of the impact of programmatic and co-curricular activities on student outcomes. Jim Swartz has provided the questions they used so that others may adopt or adapt these questions for their own use.
    • Questions drawn from:
      • Renninger, K. A. & Schofield, L. S. (2014, April). Assessing STEM Interest as a Developmental Motivational Variable. Poster presented as part of a structured poster session (K. A. Renninger & S. Hidi, Chairs), Current approaches to interest measurement. American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, PA.
      • Gross, D., Iverson, E., Willett, G., Manduca, C., (2015) "Broadening Access to Science With Support for the Whole Student in a Residential Liberal Arts College Environment," Journal of College Science Teacher, 44, 99-107.
      • Lopatto D, CURE Survey