LSAMP IINSPIRE Project: Teaching and Program Resources

The IINspire-LSAMP mission is to develop a model for Midwest colleges and universities to attract the states' growing under-represented minority population into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields and to attract students from other regions to STEM education opportunities in Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska.

To support the mission of this program, IINspire-LSAMP offers a variety of opportunities and resources to assist faculty and program directors in helping students succeed.

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The goals of LSAMP workshops include:

  • Create opportunities to facilitate collaboration across the alliance
  • Share inclusive pedagogy and mentoring practices that leads to greater student success
  • Address ideas for leveraging institution resources, align with institutional goals, and develop strategic partnerships
  • Share practices for using data and evidence to implement effective programs base on institution-specific needs

There is a workshop coming up in June 2014 at Grinnell, topic TBA.

Topics of workshops have included: Building a Sense of Community for Student Success in STEM, Planning and Improving Bridge Programs, and Learning from Existing Bridge Programs and Creating Collaborative Bridge Programs.

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Building Community

This page provides a comprehensive compilation of resources about building community from a variety of projects across the SERC site. It includes information about building community at the program level, building community through teaching approaches, and building community through faculty/student interactions. The page also presents information specific to building community in 2-year colleges. At whatever level it is addressed, building community is an important part of attracting and retaining students in the STEM fields, particularly students who are historically under-represented in STEM.

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Summer Bridge Programs

Summer bridge programs are an effective way to increase incoming students' confidence and basic skills required for success in STEM fields. This page provides access to descriptions of summer bridge programs in two different ways. First, it provides an in-depth view of 2 summer bridge programs through program profile pages. Second, it provides short summaries of several summer bridge programs offered by colleges and universities across the U.S. These brief descriptions then link to web pages that describe the program in more detail.

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