Initial Publication Date: December 7, 2016

Project Team

Part of the InTeGrate Savannah State University Program Model

Dr. Sue C. Ebanks, P.I.

Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Marine & Environmental Sciences

Overall Lead for the project, point of contact for communications with InTeGrate staff and reporting efforts, and lead for the anthropogenic and ecological impacts aspects of course development. For the second phase of CHARTing, PI Ebanks led the effort coordinating team members from Africana Studies, Marine & Environmental Sciences, and Homeland Security & Emergency Management to build coastal hazards and risks content into courses as well as build collaborations with SSU faculty and between SSU faculty and HBCU Geosciences Working Group members as well as Rutgers University towards development of funded research projects.

Faculty Reflection

Dr. Jolvan T. Morris, co-P.I.

Postdoctoral Researcher in the Dept. of Marine & Environmental Sciences

Lead for all environmental justice aspects of course development in CHARTing I.

Faculty Reflection

Dr. Carol J. Pride

Chair, Dept. of Marine & Environmental Sciences

Lead in CHARTing I for the coastal hazards portions of the two new courses; facilitator for cross-college discussions, implementation with the upper-administration, and navigator for sustainability of the courses through infusion into the Marine and Environmental Sciences degree programs and cross-college academic programming for the duration of both CHARTing I and II.

Faculty Reflection