Faculty Reflection: Carol Pride

Savannah State University
Course(s): ENVS 1121K Introduction to Physical Geology

A Success Story in Programmatic Change

I implemented a lesson plan on Mt. Vesuvius and the geoarchaeology around the historic eruption of this volcano. My goal was to add a human dimension to our otherwise dry lesson on volcanoes and to introduce the concept of geohazards and preparedness for eruptions. The class was primarily comprised of environmental science majors taking geology for the first time. There were some non-science majors in the course also. After this implementation, I had hoped to spend time looking at volcanic deposits around another volcano and do a mock planning activity for predicting the a) range of influence of ash and lava flows, and the b) evacuation lead time necessary for such eruptions. Due to time demands, we were not able to implement the follow-up activity.

Incorporating InTeGrate Materials

I used this activity in a 2-hr lab session, following our final lecture on volcanoes.


I did not make many adaptions to the activity. We went through the Powerpoints in two intervals. They worked in groups to interpret the passages and the data and to answer the questions.

Outcomes and Evidence

The students seemed more engaged in this lab than in many of the others. They discussed the data extensively within their groups and how to interpret it. They seemed to enjoy having the material humanized and less dry.