Carol Pride

Marine and Environmental Sciences, Marine & Environmental Sciences

Savannah State University

Workshop Leader, Webinar Participant, Website Contributor

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Marine Sediments: Source, Sinks, and Significance part of Course Design:Goals Database
This course covers the basics of sedimentology; coastal, estuarine and shelf geological processes; and paleoceanographic interpretation of deep sea sediment records. The course will focus on a transect extending ...

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Faculty Reflection: Carol Pride part of Integrate:Program Design:InTeGrate Program Models:Savannah State University:Faculty Reflections
Savannah State University Course(s): ENVS 1121K Introduction to Physical Geology A Success Story in Programmatic Change I implemented a lesson plan on Mt. Vesuvius and the geoarchaeology around the historic ...

Savannah State University - Collaborate to Heighten Awareness, Rejuvenate, and Train part of Integrate:Program Design:InTeGrate Program Models:Savannah State University
Bordering an extensive salt marsh estuarine system along the Georgia coast with a local economy that is largely tied to tourism and the port, the Savannah State University campus naturally provides a strong ...