Initial Publication Date: November 16, 2016

Faculty Reflections and Stories:

Part of the InTeGrate Claflin University Program Model

Team reflection:

Value of Working Collaboratively

Overall, the faculty enjoyed the experience and appreciated the value that InTeGrate brought to our campus. This project managed to bring together individuals from several departments who otherwise only see each other during the mandatory monthly faculty meetings. Those who had a chance to infuse their courses also took the InTeGrate faculty survey expressing their individual views on the project. As a team, we also decided to get a feeling of our experience so we create our own faculty survey during one of our summer meetings. The results are presented below.

Group Experience of Working with InTeGrate Materials

A 13 questions survey was given to each individual faculty attending the meeting (7 responses from faculty who infused) during the working lunch.
(See all charts and responses in the full Survey Results (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 40kB Oct29 16).)

Answers to open ended questions:

How would you change or modify the content of the InTeGrate module?

  • "Include more to show relationship between earth science and public health"
  • "Reduce; adjust to pertain to the subject area; project at the end of the semester to incorporate both InTeGrate content and area content"
  • "Have less assignments and work to be completed by the students"
  • "I will reduce amount of assignments and more focus on social science content."
  • "Content was fine"
  • "Making it more course-specific"
  • "Reduce the amount of information and make it more focused elements pertaining to area study"

How do you plan to sustain the program after the granting period ends?

  • "Keep team connected; based on workshop 2 (summer) decision"
  • "Make adjustments to material to fit the course"
  • "Spread across the semester"
  • "Based on this experience, I will keep using some materials which students are interested and which are related to my discipline in my course"
  • "Implementing the integration for on ground sessions (instead of online)"
  • "Through general interaction in curriculum"
  • "By adjusting the material and looking for other grant opportunities to bring additional team members into the program as well as funding for more hands-on student oriented activities to complement the teaching of earth Sciences"

General experience with InTeGrate?

  • "Very good experience. The integrated model provides additional insight into career paths."
  • "Good but needs adjustment based on this year's infusion results"
  • "Material presented was important but there were too many tasks to complete"
  • "It was useful experience to develop interdisciplinary course. Although this first attempt taught me that I need more practice and preparation, it would be a great resource for developing my new interdisciplinary courses in the future."
  • "I had a good experience with the materials, information, etc."
  • "Overall student interest was low although they were interested in the video on Katrina"
  • "Good, but difficult to both faculty teaching the materials and stimulating student interest and students to get immersed in what they perceive as a different field in such a short time frame. If adjusted, it can be great!"