Note to participants: We are experiencing an unusually warm autumn, but it is still cold in Minnesota in December. Average temperatures are 30's in the day and mid teens at night. Please dress comfortably and warmly for your time here and anticipate some snow. Classes are out and campus will be quiet. We will have a van to bring people between the meeting rooms and hotel, but we will still need to walk short distances outside.

Wednesday December 7

Lunch at Noon for those who have arrived early: Sayles-Hill North Balcony (to the right and upstairs as you enter from the main doors).
Campus Map


1:00-2:00 PM Welcome and introductions: Sayles-Hill meeting room 251 (Cailin)

  • Icebreaker, Setting the stage for our work, Workshop Goals

Example Website from HHMI Capstones

2:00-3:00 PM Facilitated discussion in working groups - discussion of your experience with the group subject and potential common themes (Cailin and John)
Rooms 250 and 252 available for break out

3:00-3:15 PM Break as needed

3:15-3:45 PM Review other teams' pages and make comments in discussion threads.

  • Are these the right themes? Are there other examples?
  • Do these themes belong in this 'bucket' or can they fit somewhere else (including making change happen).
  • Have comments done by 3:30 PM

3:30-5:00 PM Teams continue drafting text on each of the themes identified.

  • Provide more explanation of the strategies and approaches you have outlined. Include specific examples (links are great).
  • When and why have the practices you've identified been successful?
  • What does Making Change Happen look like in the context of your topic? (For discussion this afternoon)
  • What questions do you have for the whole group about your topic? (For discussion tomorrow morning)

5:00-6:00 PM Room 251. Whole-group discussion about Make and Sustain Change on Campus to establish themes and examples (Cathy)


Shuttles to hotel and dinner

Dinner together on the town

Thursday December 8

Breakfast at the hotel or on your own (Information about Northfield). Coffee will be available at the meeting.

7:45 AM Shuttles will leave from the Country Inn hotel for Sayles-Hill

8:00-9:00 AM Working Group presentations with questions and discussion (15 minutes per group) Sayles-Hill Room 251 (John)

9:00-10:45 AM Working groups continue their work.

  • Integrate feedback from the whole group
  • Continue refining draft text and plugging in links to examples

10:45-11:15 AM Structured peer-review of other groups' pages using comment threads - on your own in discussion threads.

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM Whole-group review of Make and Sustain Change on Campus pages. Cathy

12:00-1:00 PM box lunches in Sayles Hill (review comments from morning review)

1:00-2:00 PM Working groups draft punch list with individual assignments and timelines for completing pages

2:00-3:00 PM Full group discussion - Reflections on where we've come - Cathy

  • Next steps for finishing work - whole-group steps. What we are going to do next?
    • John will take next big step -
    • Teams will get back to make changes provide info that is needed -Early January
    • Second round revisions
    • Last look by everyone.-Middle of January
    • Made live. - by Beginning of February
  • Building use of the site.
    • NSF visit in February
    • Spring virtual showcase
      • not useful to get institutional leaders there
      • record in order to get video that can be used in meetings with institutional leadership
    • Earth Educator Rendezvous - oral session, roundtable
      • 7 folks will submit abstracts that will invade program leading up to a synthesis presentation late in meeting (or twice late in each half)
    • Webinars
    • Supporting Our Communities
  • Research teams?
    • science vs non -science student outcome comparisons: Rachel, Meghann, Camilia, Colleen, Diane D., Byron, Mark Sweeny
    • faculty impact interviews - Meghann, (Byron will be interviewed), Rachel, Stanford, Colleen S.,
    • comparing different delivery mechanisms in climate change- computer vs paper, video vs ? - Rachel's person, someone from Julie's group?
    • online vs face to face - Mercer, Penn State , UTEP
  • Other group activities
    • biology webinar - Wittenberg (Amber), Colleen, Megann and Dave Swanson, -
      • biology working group at Rendezvous- Josh to move this forward
    • history group/webinar -- South Dakota Native American land issues and Chico (Native American history of american west presenters , Mercer - African American land issues , UNC - Joe Elkiins DAWES/gemorphology
    • reaching deans group - Josh, David Steer, Julie, Bill, Colleen S., Ed,
      • relationship to retention, persistence, or budget
  • 2:45 End of Workshop Evaluation

3:00 PM Close and shuttles to the airport

For those of you staying, the evening of December 8th is Winter Walk in Downtown Northfield.