Supporting STEM Success in a Liberal Arts Context

Higher education plays a critical role in the future economic and professional success of individual students as well as the intellectual and economic health of our nation. This website synthesizes the experiences of 11 institutions striving to strengthen the undergraduate experiences in science and mathematics for all of their students. These predominantly undergraduate institutions were selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute as 'Capstone Programs' for the maturity of their programming. Developed by the 11 institutions with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this website describes these programs as well as the lessons learned on the way. Our aim is to help others aiming to adopt, adapt, or create similar programs.

In each of the sections below, we highlight the actions and ideas our synthesis revealed as most critical to success, illustrating each with examples from the participating institutions. Links to the institutional program descriptions provide more complete information for those interested in specific actions or ideas. Each institutional program description provides the full context for programs and allows exploration of the evolution of programming in a specific institutional context. About this Project and the Capstone Designation

Institutional Profiles

Despite the overwhelming similarity of approaches to changes in science education at Capstone Institutions, development and implementation is clearly dependent on institutional context. Institutional profiles allow institutions to examine the efforts made at similar institutions.

Capstone Institutions

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