Initial Publication Date: April 2, 2020

InTeGrate community leaders/speakers list [under construction]

Below is our list of active community members and leaders in the InTeGrate project.
This list is broadly organized by topic to help you identify the right people to address your needs.

Teaching with InTeGrate pedagogy & philosophy

InTeGrate is a community effort to improve interdisciplinary geoscience teaching using sustainability as a theme. The following are community members who are leaders and experts on InTeGrate's motivating goals, pedagogies, and how to put those pedagogies into action.

Program design that allows science in the context of society

Improving interdisciplinary geoscience teaching nationwide requires program-level support. What are program designs that help to link sustainability across the curriculum? The following are community members who are leaders in this realm.

Supporting success for all students

[Can we adapt the following headline, which is from InTeGrate's Support the Whole Student page?] "There are many moving parts to supporting all kinds of students. It is necessary for individual faculty and staff as well as whole departments to keep some important key issues in mind as they envision how to move their students successfully through the program all the way to graduation"

Creating capacity for change

We need strategies for supporting faculty as well as strategies for making institutional change in order to teach geoscience for better earth literacy and a more prepared workforce. The following are community members who are leaders in this realm.

Speakers for other topics (TBD topics)

- Ellen Metzer
- Kathy Baldwin
- Scott Linneman or Jim Ebert on teacher prep

Faculty who are good at sharing how they assess student learning (without getting bogged down in edu-speak)
- Mary Savina, Carleton
- Julie Bartley, Gustavus Adolphus
- Lisa (Melissa) Lamb, St. Thomas
- Karen Viskupic, Boise Sate
- David Steer, University of Akron