ITG/GETSI Fall 2023 CCT Survey

The Integrate (ITG) and GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI) projects developed undergraduate teaching resources that feature Earth science learning in the context of addressing societal challenges. Many of the curriculum modules include data sets and other potentially time-sensitive resources. This survey seeks to learn from instructors who have used the ITG and GETSI materials – what resources they have used and what resources need updating. Your input is helpful as we develop ways to facilitate updates to elements such as data sets, data images, links, software or other resources, or to content that may have become outdated. We have funding to help support these changes.

Please describe your current use of ITG or GETSI curriculum modules and any observations you have about content that is no longer as usable because it is out-of-date. Thank you for your help!

2. Please select the ITG/GETSI resource(s) that you have ever used (Please select all that apply).
InTeGrate resources

GETSI resources

3. Have you ever not used (or stopped using) ITG/GETSI resources because of issues with links, data sets, software or other resources or because other aspects had become outdated? (Please select all that apply)

4. Please select the specific ITG/GETSI resource(s) you know need updating. (Please select all that apply)
InTeGrate resources

GETSI resources

5. What type of changes do you think are most needed to update the ITG/GETSI resources? (Please select all that apply)

7. Please indicate if (and how) you have modified for your use any ITG/GETSI resources such as data sets, links, software, or other resources? (Please select all that apply)

9. We are planning to host a workshop focused on exploring ways to update existing teaching materials such as the ITG/GETSI resources and how to create new teaching materials in ways that they can remain current. Which of the following activities would be of interest to you in such a workshop? (Please select all that apply)

10. (optional) Please provide your name and email address below if you are interested in participating in this project further through any of the following activities. (Please select all that apply)

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