Provide a Content Review for an InTeGrate Course or Module

We are seeking volunteers to review the scientific content of InTeGrate-developed courses and modules. Please consider donating your time to help speed the process of peer review, so that these materials can be made available to the community. These courses and modules are of high value in teaching about the Earth in the context of societal issues in all parts of the undergraduate curriculum - an essential step towards creating an Earth literate society and workforce.

Time commitment for the reviews will vary with each module and course unit. Some can be completed a a few hours (3 to 5) while others take longer. Please plan on spending at least three hours on the review. In your review, we ask that you address the following questions:
  • Are the scientific concepts correctly described and applied?
  • Are all essential or core concepts included?
  • Are the data and/or materials up to date?
  • Are there critical missing analyses or flawed analogies?
  • Are the figures and data correct and do they support the curriculum?
  • Are the references correct and appropriate?

We are seeking completed reviews by no more than 3 weeks and preferably two weeks from when they are assigned. Once you submit the form below, we will follow up with you by email to set up the review. If you are interested in reviewing but unable to complete a review in January, please indicate that in the final field of the form below along with your expertise. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please indicate which material(s) you would be interested in reviewing. You can see descriptions of the materials on this page (opens in a new window). Check all that apply:

Modeling Earth Systems Course