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Over the 5 years of the InTeGrate project we have all learned a lot and devoted significant time and effort to developing curricula that will dramatically increase Earth literacy of all undergraduate students. The InTeGrate project has developed numerous modules, courses, and program models that connect geoscience education to societal challenges. In addition, the project has produced research that shows the impact of these approaches on programs, faculty, and students. We have reached the moment where sharing all that we have done and learned is important to maximize our impact on higher education and on the development of a diverse workforce and Earth literate society that can address the societal issues we face.

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InTeGrate would like to help you talk about InTeGrate, your work in the project, and its impact. InTeGrate is interdisciplinary, so there are many places to present. The project has been a collective effort of 100s of people and we would like to help leverage your investment from 100s to 1000s of people. The InTeGrate community can magnify the reach of your work, which will continue growing the community and increasing the impact of your work.

To support your ability to be a voice for InTeGrate and teaching about the Earth in a societal context, we have four things in place:

  1. An email list for sharing information about speaking opportunities
  2. A speakers resource page
  3. Financial support
  4. A place for you to submit information on any presentations you make
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Funding for participants

The InTeGrate project has limited funds to help support the dissemination of InTeGrate principles and materials by qualified speakers. Please read through the materials below to see how you can apply for a stipend to help support your presentation at a workshop, conference, or meeting.

If you have limited resources to support your travel to and participation in conferences and workshops, you may be eligible for assistance from our stipend fund. Because our funds are limited, we encourage you to first pursue possible sources of funding on your campus, such as your department chair, dean, center for teaching and learning, or other faculty professional development programs. To be supported by this funding, a participant must be either a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident, or in the employ of a U.S. institution. Presentations must be made prior to November 30, 2018.


Stipends are awarded to applicants based on financial need and alignment with InTeGrate principles. Priority will be given to those that have not been the recipient of a previous InTeGrate speaker stipend. Presentations must be made prior to November 30, 2018.


Stipend award decisions are made within one to two weeks of the stipend application. Expedited decisions can be made for exceptional cases. Contact Krista Herbstrith (, if you need assistance.

Disbursement details

Awards will be issued after the conference and after the awardees' participation in the conference is verified and their presentation is provided to be displayed on the InTeGrate site. Awardees will need to submit travel receipts and provide tax identification information to Carleton College before the award can be issued.

If you have questions regarding the stipend awards, please contact us via email:

InTeGrate Speaker Group

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