Suggest a Module Topic

As part of the InTeGrate program element to create new teaching materials (opens in new page), we are seeking submissions of ideas for the creation of new teaching materials. Use this form to suggest ideas for modules or courses. You may also volunteer to be part of the module development team and you can recommend other authors. (Learn more about curriculum development teams opens in new page)

We seek ideas for modules or courses that will:
  • teach one or more geoscience concepts in the context of a societal issue
  • develop geoscience literacy as defined by the existing geoscience literacy documents (Earth Science Literacy, Ocean Literacy, Atmospheric Science Literacy, Climate Literacy, Energy Literacy)
  • develop students' ability to address interdisciplinary problems
  • improve student understanding of the process of science and development of geoscientific habits of mind
  • use authentic geoscience data
  • develop systems thinking
  • be adaptable for use in face-to-face, blended, and distance introductory courses of all sizes (including large classes) within a variety of geoscience departments and institutions.

Submissions will be reviewed when development of new courses and modules is being considered. For more information, contact Cathy Manduca.