Materials Development Expectations & Payment

To be sure that the materials that are created are of the highest standard, there are several expectations of team members that must be met. This page outlines the expectations of teams and also discusses when authors will be paid the $15,000 stipend for their work.


  • Modules will make use of research-based teaching methods and engage students with geoscience data or geoscience education research.
  • Modules will be published on the InTeGrate website with a complete set of materials supporting adoption and use by faculty teaching in traditional or on-line settings. The materials will be freely available to faculty and not-for-profit educational institutions. The copyright for all materials will be held at Carleton College for the InTeGrate project.
  • Each module will be developed by a team of three faculty drawn from three different institutions. In order to create materials that are flexible and can be used in a wide variety of institutions and settings, we seek to recruit teams that include faculty who will use the materials in different types of instructional settings.
  • Team members will work over the course of two years to collaboratively author, test, revise and publish teaching materials as well as materials supporting their use using InTeGrate templates and guidelines. During the two-year work period team members will attend two face-to-face meetings, teach with the materials and collect data for assessment, and collaborate virtually with team members under the direction of the editorial team.
  • Team members will need to obtain IRB approval from their institutions prior to testing their materials in the classroom to ensure that we can use the data they collect.
  • Each materials development team will work with a member of the InTeGrate Assessment Team who will support the team in achieving the standards laid out in the InTeGrate Materials Development and Refinement Rubric. Each team member will test the materials in at least one of their own courses during the 2014-2015 academic year, and will provide both student data and additional evaluation information from a minimum of 80% of the students to the InTeGrate project for analysis. The materials development team will then revise the materials based on this analysis prior to publication of the materials on the InTeGrate website.
  • Each team member will document their experience with the module in their own course. This information will become part of the set of materials developed and published by the team on the website to support use of the materials.
  • Carleton College will hold the copyright to the materials for the InTeGrate project. The materials will be freely available to faculty and not-for-profit educational institutions under a Creative Commons License that stipulates that users must attribute your work and offer any derivative work under a similar license.
  • To provide consistency among modules, Dr. David McConnell, Dr. Anne Egger, Dr. David Gosselin, Dr. Tim Bralower, Dr John Taber, and/or Dr. Cathryn Manduca will guide the overall work and serve as the executive editor(s).
  • Selected team members must be available to attend an annual planning workshop in Northfield, MN.

Requirements for Receiving Stipends

Team members will each receive a $15,000 stipend for successful completion of the module including authoring, testing, revising, and publishing the teaching materials and supporting materials for faculty. Stipends are restricted to faculty at US institutions who are citizens or permanent residents. Geoscientists and educators who are not teaching introductory geoscience are welcome to participate in InTeGrate materials development teams as volunteers or with support from other sources. If warranted, reduced stipends may be available to support participation in only materials development or only testing aspects of the work.

In order to receive a stipend, contributors must:

  • Participate in the collaborative design and development of materials in a module to meet the guidelines of a standard rubric.
  • Test and assess module materials (in coordination with InTeGrate assessment team) at least once each year in introductory classes or equivalents and provide access to materials.
  • A first payment of $7,500 will be made upon completion of materials that meet the standards set forth in the InTeGrate Materials Development and Refinement Rubric.
  • Revise and refine module materials in collaboration with InTeGrate personnel and incorporate appropriate suggestions of editors and reviewers.
  • Participate in one development meeting each year during the three-phase process.
  • A second payment of $7,500 will be paid when the tested materials have been revised and published on the website with the full set of required supporting materials.
  • Present a draft version of the module after the first phase of the project that meets the assessment Materials Development and Refinement Rubric and a final version of the module in the end of the third phase of the development process.
  • Release copyright of module materials to the InTeGrate project.