Introductory Hydrology

Joseph T. Zume
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania


This course is an introductory level hydrology that focuses on the basic principles in hydrology. Students in this class learn the basics about surface and groundwater hydrology including water quality. Lab exercises in the course involve problem sets and also field measurements of stream discharge, water quality, and using geophysical tools (electrical resistivity and GPR).

Course Size:

Course Format:
Integrated lecture and lab

Institution Type:
University with graduate programs, primarily masters programs

Course Context:

This is an introductory but a core course in the Geoenvironmental Studies program. There is no pre-requisite for it and it does not serve as a prerequisite for other courses. The course is open to students from other departments that would like to learn more about water.

Course Content:

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Course Goals:

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Course Features:

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Course Philosophy:

I tried to give students both theory and hands-on practice.


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References and Notes:

Please refer to attached syllabus
It is the least quantitative for the introductory level and better written for that audience.