3D-Printed Educational Models in the Geosciences

Wednesday 1:30pm-4:00pm E Building 202
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Sinan Akciz, California State University-Fullerton

The recent widespread accessibility of 3D printing now provides an opportunity for geoscience educators to produce their own affordable, high-quality models that students can hold and manipulate in their hands. Participants in this mini-workshop will first be introduced to the world of single- and dual-extrusion 3D-printing, as well as instructional designing considerations. Small groups of participants will then design 3D-printable instructional models for use in an earth science class of their choice and discuss plans for integrating it into their own teaching.


A collection of Sinan's 3D printing models for geoscience classrooms is available and continues to be updated on Printables.

Printable files for 3D geoscience models