Creating a 22-lab OER lab manual in three months: The project coordinator and revision editor's account of how BC instructors came together

Wednesday 2:05 PT / 3:05 MT / 4:05 CT / 5:05 ET Online


Stuart MacKinnon, University of British Columbia
Chani Welch, Okanagan College

After the immediate shift in British Columbia (BC) Canada to online delivery in March 2020 for the remainder of the academic semester, many instructors started thinking forward towards the upcoming academic year under similar requirements. A group of instructors came together through BC articulation groups in May to discuss potential plans and approaches to deliver courses, and in particular, labs, for the 2020/21 academic year. As these meetings continued, and more instructors were invited into the group, the idea of a collaborative open educational resource (OER) physical geography lab manual surfaced. By the end of may, the lab manual project began, headed by Stuart MacKinnon as project coordinator. In addition to Stuart, 12 initial other authors stepped forward to volunteer their time and produce new labs for online delivery. A couple months into the project, Chani Welch joined as the 14th author, and in early 2021, she took on the role of revision editor. In only three months, 22 labs and a tutorial were created, reviewed by additional BC instructors, and a trial version of a Pressbook lab manual was created ( This lab manual was beta-tested at 11+ institutions in BC, went through thorough revisions in March-June 2021, and will be widely available as an OER via the BCcampus catalogue prior to the start of the 2021 academic year.

This presentation will begin with an outline of how the project originated and the various logistics of an extremely rapid multi-institutional OER project from the perspective of the project coordinator. Then, the instructor-flexible design elements that foster a variety of student learning environments and which make this OER lab manual unique will be described. Lastly, the perspective of joining late and being responsible for altering and editing other authors work will be shared by the revision editor.