Interactive Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Curriculum for REU Programs: Results from Pilots and Expert Reviews

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Michael Hubenthal, EarthScope
Daphne LaDue, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Martin Snow, University of Colorado at Boulder
In support of the geoscience community's desire to develop an inclusive culture resistant to harassment and discrimination, a collaborative effort to develop an anti-harassment/discrimination curriculum is underway. This 2-hour curriculum targets Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) sites where participants may have little formal training in the terminology and concepts surrounding such topics, are likely to be unaware of policies and reporting procedures regarding harassment and discrimination, and may not know how to respond if they witness or experience an incident. This curriculum was developed by defining what undergraduates should know, understand, and be able to do after instruction. Activities, aligned with these outcomes, were selected or developed as needed, and connected through a learning cycle to create a cohesive instructional package.

Expert reviewers (e.g. REU experience and/or expertise with policies/trainings regarding harassment and discrimination in academia) unanimously perceived a need for the curriculum, appreciated its active learning, would use it in their own REU, and would recommend it to colleagues. Initial pilots at two REU sites found that the instruction connects with students.
- 100% found the curriculum "Extremely" (23%) or "Very" (77%) engaging.
- 92% felt the amount of time spent on discussions and activities was "Just Right"
- 100% perceived the overall quality to be "Very Good" (77%) or "Good" (23%)
- 100% felt it "Very Important" (54%) or "Important" (46%) for other geoscience undergrads to participate in the training
These pilots also found evidence that the curriculum achieves targeted learning objectives, especially those dealing with what to do should students experience or witness an incident, and how to report an incident.

A revised curriculum will be piloted at additional REU sites, early in summer 2020. We will share results, including impacts on students' behavior, attitude, skills, knowledge, and perceptions as well as implementation fidelity and instructor perceptions.

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