Effective Assessments: Maximizing Integrity, Minimizing Grading Time

Friday 12:00-1:45pm PT / 1:00-2:45pm MT / 2:00-3:45pm CT / 3:00-4:45pm ET Online
Round Table Discussion


Larry Collins, Longwood University

The COVID-19 crisis created unprecedented challenges for instructors at all levels. One of these challenges is understanding what types of assessments are most effective in an online environment. These types of assessments need to be feasible in that they must offer the opportunity to assess student knowledge, while making a strong attempt at encouraging equal opportunities for success within our students. To maximize the potential of this discussion, participants from any grade level and type of school setting are invited to participate.

We will generate guiding principles for our community that propose answers to the following questions:

  • How can I design assessments that do NOT maximize grading time yet provide me (as an instructor) with evidence of student learning at varying cognitive levels?
  • How can I try to design assessments that maximize integrity in my class and provide all students with an equal chance for success?

**Resources that participants can check out will be posted at a later time that may be helpful in generating a strong discussion.

Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online in Response to COVID-19 Faculty Playbook

Jordan, S. (2013). E-assessment: Past, present, and future. New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences, (9), 87-106.

Access it here.

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