Initial Publication Date: May 29, 2018

Meeting Participants

Working Group assignments follow each name - (First Group Assignment; Second Group Assignment)

Christopher Andersen, Ohio University (Group 2; Group 5)

Vicki Baker, Albion College (Group 5; Group 1)

Audra Baleisis, University of Michigan (Group 4; Group 1)

Adrienne Bentz, Texas A&M University (Group 1; Group 5)

Jackie Bortiatynski, The Pennsylvania State University (Group 5; Group 1)

Caroline Breitenberger, The Ohio State University (Group 2; Group3)

Gary Briers, Texas A& M University (Group3; Group 4)

Wilella Burgess, Purdue University (Group 5; Group 1)

Steven Case, University of Kansas (Group 1; Group 2)

Devasmita Chakraverty, Washington State University (Group 2; Group3)

Laleh Cote, Berkeley Lab (Group 4; Group 5)

Kerry Cresawn, James Madison University (Group 2; Group 4)

Annwesa Dasgupta, SEIRI/IUPUI (Group 1; Group 2)

Pradeep (Max) Dass, Northern Arizona University (Group 1; Group 2)

Melinda Davis, University of Idaho (Group 2; Group 5)

Dabney Dixon, Georgia State University (Group 1; Group 2)

Jessica Dwyer, University of Utah (Group3; Group 4)

Joan Esson, Otterbein University (Group3; Group 4)

Jennifer Frederick, Yale University (Group 4; Group3)

Emily Gaines Crockett, University of Utah (Group 2; Group3)

Edward Geary, Western Washington University (Group3; Group 2)

Jordan Gerton, University of Utah (Group 2; Group3)

Cindy Ghent, Towson University (Group 4; Group 2)

Darcy Gordon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Group3; Group 4)

Jessica Gregg, UCLA (Group 3; Group 2)

Ken Griffith, Texas Tech University (Group 4; Group 2)

Michele Guannel, University of the Virgin Islands (Group3; Group 4)

Amanda Gunning, Mercy College (Group 1; Group 2)

Kumiko Haas, UCLA Office of Instructional Development (Group 4; Group 5)

Stephen Hale, University of New Hampshire (Group 1; Group 5)

Maile Hadley, Zeno (Group 5; Group 1)

Justin Hess, SEIRI/IUPUI (Group 1; Group 2)

Kathleen Hill, Penn State University (Group 2; Group3)

Lucas Hill, University of Wisconsin - Madison (Group 2; Group 4)

John Holcomb, Cleveland State University (Group 5; Group 1)

Debbie Jackson, Cleveland State University (Group 2; Group3)

Phillip Johnson, Appalachian State University (Group 5; Group 1)

Jessica Keating, University of Colorado Boulder (Group 5; Group 1)

John Keller, University of Colorado (Group 4; Group 2)

Dennis Kombe, California State University, Monterey Bay (Group3; Group 5)

Ronald Little, Sam Houston State University (Group 4; Group 5)

Elizabeth Luoma, Yale University (Group3; Group 4)

Susan Magliaro, Virginia Tech (Group 1; Group 2)

Jacqueline Maguire, The Pennsylvania State University (Group 4; Group 5)

Jennelle Malcos, The Pennsylvania State University (Group 4; Group 5)

Gili Marbach-Ad, University of Maryland (Group 1; Group 2)

Meghan Marrero, Mercy College (Group 1; Group 2)

Gerhard Meisels, University of South Florida (Group 5; Group 1)

W. Robert Midden, Bowling Green State University (Group 5; Group 1)

Nicole Milliman, Western Michigan University (Group 5; Group 1)

Shawn Moore, East Carolina University (Group 1; Group3)

Sherri Morris, Bradley University (Group 1; Group3)

Jill Motschenbacher, North Dakota State University (Group 2; Group3)

Mary Nelson, George Mason University (Group 2; Group3)

Julia Nord, George Mason University (Group 2; Group 4)

Tino Nyawelo, University of Utah (Group3; Group 5)

Michael Odell, The University of Texas at Tyler (Group 5; Group 1)

Kate OHara, Cleveland State University (Group 2; Group 4)

Alice Olmstead, Western Michigan University (Group 5; Group 1)

Chris Orban, Oklahoma State University (Group 2; Group 5)

Robert Potter, University of South Florida (Group 4; Group 1)

David Pugalee, University of NC at Charlotte (Group 5; Group 1)

John Rand, University of Hawaii - Office of STEM Education (Group3; Group 4)

Bryan Rebar, University of Oregon - Physics (Group 1; Group 5)

Jenay Robert, The Pennsylvania State University (Group 5; Group3)

Charles Roberts, Mercer University (Group 2; Group3)

Sandra Romano, University of the Virgin Islands (Group 4; Group 5)

Jessica Rosenberg, George Mason University (Group3; Group 4)

Stephanie Salomone, University of Portland (Group 1; Group3)

Laura Sample McMeeking, Colorado State University STEM Center (Group 4; Group 1)

Renee Schwartz, Georgia State University (Group 4; Group 1)

Ruthmae Sears, University of South Florida (Group 2; Group3)

Shanna Shaked, UCLA Center for Education, Innovation and Learning in the Sciences (Group 1; Group 3)

Kimberly Sierra-Cajas, University of Arizona STEM Learning Center (Group3; Group 4)

Susan Singer, Rollins (Group 2; Group 5)

Christopher Stevens, University of Texas at Dallas (Group 4; Group 2)

Elisa Stone, University of California, Berkeley (Group 1; Group 2)

Johannes Strobel, University of Missouri (Group 1; Group 2)

Suzanne Tapp, Texas Tech University (Group3; Group 4)

Pratibha Varma-Nelson, SEIRI/IUPUI (Group 1; Group 2)

Zipangani Vokhiwa, Mercer University (Group 2; Group3)

Stamatis Vokos, California Polytechnic Institute (Group 4; Group 5)

Shannon Warren, Western Washington University (Group3; Group 4)

Jennifer Weaver, California Institute of Technology (Group 4; Group 1)

Kelli Wellborn, University of Texas at Dallas (Group 2; Group3)

Lindsay Wheeler, University of Virginia (Group3; Group 4)

Caroline Wienhold, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Group3; Group 4)

Meeting Leaders

Deborah Carlisle, University of Massachusetts

Noah Finkelstein, University of Colorado Boulder & NSEC

Donna Llewellyn, Boise State University

John McDaris, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Cailin Orr, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Alice Steimle, Center for Mathematics and Science Education

Timothy Scott, Texas A&M University

Gwen Shusterman, Portland State University