Working Meeting Overview

Join us in Columbus ahead of the NSEC annual conference for a one-day meeting focused on building a toolkit to support STEM Centers in their efforts to improve teaching and learning on their campuses.This working meeting will focus on bringing together leaders from across the National STEM Education to develop the ideas brought forward by participants at the 2014 and 2015 NSEC meetings to generate a set of resources that will be useful to centers across the NSEC network.


  • To share ideas and resources across institutions for moving centers forward :
    • using communication to gain support for center programming
    • using communication to increase visibility of centers' importance on campus
    • using communication to support participation of people from groups historically under-represented in STEM
    • using communication to build networks of partner entities both inside and outside the institution
    • using communication strategies to impact policy decisions
  • To develop a community-generated resource of effective practices for NSEC centers that can be shared with the broader community
  • To build a sense of community among participants and demonstrate a network-wide effort


See the NSEC Toolkit developed in 2016.

  • Documented understanding of the challenges involved in communication for STEM Centers and
  • A resource collection, generated from the participants experience addressing these challenges
  • A community-generated synthesis of workshop findings
  • Plans for next steps in supporting this work

Meeting Dates

This working meeting opens the national NSEC National Conference. Click here to find information about the National Conference.

We will begin the working meeting with an opening session the beginning at 2:00 pm on June 6 and run from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm on June 7. Participants will be expected to attend all of the working meeting sessions.

The NSEC Annual Conference continues immediately after.

Important dates


By registering for the conference, participants agree to:

  • Before April 30, 2018 - complete the pre-meeting work.
  • During the meeting - participate in all sessions
  • After the meeting - complete reviews of community-generated synthesis ahead of it becoming public

For More Information

For more information contact Kacy Redd or Cailin Huyck Orr.