Initial Publication Date: November 30, 2017

STEM DBER Alliance Meeting at HHMI on May 8-10, 2017

The STEM DBER Alliance held a second meeting at HHMI on May 8-10, 2017. At the meeting, there were 48 thought leaders that engaged in discussions about:

  1. What are the grand challenges for DBER?
  2. What organizational and communication structures will best support DBER-A?
  3. How will DBER-A interact synergistically with existing organizations operating in related spaces?

Our emerging vision

From the meeting at AAAS and at HHMI, emerged a vision for a cross-disciplinary STEM DBER community that will advance and disseminate knowledge and theory that promote learning and success for all students across STEM fields. This community will address complex, cross-cutting research questions that can best be understood and addressed with theories that transcend disciplines. For example, how can STEM DBER scholars address issues of inclusion and diversity in their research and how can they help translate their research into pedagogical practices and curriculum that support learning for all students across disciplinary boundaries?

At its core, this STEM DBER Alliance will focus on undergraduate learning and teaching at 2- and 4-year colleges and universities, with links to K-12 and graduate education. STEM is broadly defined to include social and behavioral sciences.

Vision documents are here:

  • Henderson, Charles, Mark Connolly, Erin L. Dolan, Noah Finkelstein, Scott Franklin, Shirley Malcom, Chris Rasmussen, Kacy Redd, and Kristen St John. "Towards the STEM DBER Alliance: Why we Need a Discipline-Based STEM Education Research Community." International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (2017): 1-8. Available at
  • Henderson, C., Connolly, M., Dolan, E. L., Finkelstein, N., Franklin, S., Malcom, S., Rasmussen, C., Redd, K. and John, K. St. (2017), Towards the STEM DBER Alliance: Why We Need a Discipline-Based STEM Education Research Community. J. Eng. Educ., 106: 349–355. doi:10.1002/jee.20168
  • Two-page flyer on STEM DBER Alliance:

Participants at the Meeting on May 8-10, 2017

Ann Austin, Michigan State University

Anna Bargagliotti, Loyola Marymount University

Nicole Becker, University of Iowa

Lisa Benson, Clemson University

David Bressoud, Macalester College

Josephine Bynum, HHMI

Renee Cole, University of Iowa

Melanie Cooper, Michigan State University

Monica Cox, Ohio State University

Michael Dennin, University of California-Irvine

Erin Dolan, University of Georgia

Susan Elrod, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Doug Ensley, Mathematical Association of America

Andrew Feig, Wayne State University

Noah Finkelstein, University of Colorado at Boulder

Catherine Fry, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Charles Henderson, Western Michigan University

Theodore Hodapp, American Physical Society

Laird Kramer, Florida International University

David Kung, St Mary's College of Maryland

Felice Levine, American Educational Research Association

Yeping Li, Texas A&M University

Stacey Lowery Bretz, Miami University

Melissa McCartney, FIU

David McConnell, North Carolina State University

Karen McNeal, Auburn University

Jose Mestre, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ross Nehm, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Wendy Newstetter, Georgia Institute of Technology

Michael Oehrtman, Oklahoma State University

Michael Oehrtman, Oklahoma State University

Heather Petcovic, Western Michigan University

Luanna Prevost, University of South Florida

Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State University

Kacy Redd, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

Daniel Reinholz, San Diego State University

Beth Ruedi, AAAS/Science in the Classroom

Jeff Schinske, De Anza College

Heidi Schweingruber, National Research Council

Ben Shapiro, University of Colorado Boulder

Tim Shipley, Temple University

Scott Simkins, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Sarah Simmons, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Susan Singer, Rollins College

Kristen St. John, James Madison University

Gordon Uno, University of Oklahoma

Mark Urban-Lurain, Michigan State University

Megan Wawro, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University