Workshop Pre-Work

In an effort to make the best use of our short time together at the workshop, we ask all participants to submit information that we will use to develop the toolkit.

This information will be added to your center's profile page and you will have an opportunity to review and edit the content before anything is made public.

Please submit this information by April 29.

NOTE: You must complete this form in one sitting. If you leave the page without clicking on the SUBMIT button at the bottom, your information will be lost. You may wish to compose your answers to the questions in a word processor and then paste them into the appropriate fields below.

Please choose one of the three prompts below and compose a short essay of approximately 500 words. These essays will be made into public webpages ahead of the workshop and be one of the resources used in developing the workshop program as well as providing exemplars on topics for the Toolkit.

  • Communicating Mission and Vision
    What process was used to develop a cohesive mission and vision statement for your center? Who was involved in that process? How have you used this statement to communicate with various stakeholders? How do you adapt your message and approach for different audiences (students, administration, funding agencies etc.)?
  • Evaluation and Assessment
    Elaborate on your response above about how your center conducts evaluation and the practices you have found valuable. What instruments and methods are used in this process and how are they used? How and when does assessment information influence center programming? Describe methods that have worked effectively and include examples.
  • Building Partnerships
    Describe the partnership/collaboration that is most critical for your Center. How was this collaborations formed and what are the specific advantages of working together? Include specific examples and information about what programming and activities have been generated through collaboration.