Center for STEM Education, UNC Charlotte

Dr. David Pugalee, Center for STEM Education, UNC Charlotte

Who is the Center for STEM Education? The Center matches the STEM and education resources of UNC Charlotte to the needs of the surrounding schools to improve K-12 mathematics, science, and engineering education in North Carolina. The mission of the Center for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education is to promote a regional vision for STEM education and outreach, to increase capacity in leadership, and to facilitate collaborative partnerships for addressing STEM priorities for PreK-20.

The mission and vision for the Center was revised in 2011. Through input from an advisory board ideas about the Center and the focus was collected over several months including a working face to face meeting. These ideas were reviewed by Center leadership (Director; Associate Director; PreCollege Coordinator) in multiple meetings resulting in draft statements. These statements were shared and discussed with all Center staff and the Center Advisory Board who provided comments. The feedback was incorporated into the vision and mission statements. This process was particularly critical in adding "to increase capacity in leadership" to the mission.

The mission appears on the Center website and is regularly communicated to stakeholders directly through reports and presentations. The mission and vision are comprehensive so that various components can be emphasized depending on context without requiring a deviation from the focus.


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