How-to Collection

These videos were created by group leaders at the Spring 2014 workshop on using and teaching with video. They are not meant to be comprehensive instructions; rather they are full of valuable tips to help you create effective videos for use in class without spending too much time on your efforts.

David makes a video thumb

David McConnell: David Makes a Video
Duration: 5:24

How I make my video tutorials thumb

Katryn Wiese: How I Make My Video Tutorials
Duration: 5:05

How I create short-topic videos thumb

Jenda Johnson: How I Make Short-Topic Videos
Duration: 5:12

Cian Dawson's how-to thumb

Cian Dawson: Cian Dawson's How-To
Duration: 4:54

Making a video thumb

Scott Brande: Making a Video
Duration: 5:02
Equipment needed for mounting a tripod (Acrobat (PDF) 791kB Mar3 14)
Making Video (Acrobat (PDF) 653kB Mar3 14)

cellphone vid thumb

Scott Brande: Capturing time lapse images on cellphone
From YouTube
Part 1 - Duration: 5:19
Part 2 - Duration: 3:07