Initial Publication Date: September 12, 2014

Next steps for our growing community

Participants in the Spring 2014 virtual workshop on Designing and Using Video in Undergraduate Geoscience Education identified several next steps and put together a wish-list of post-workshop goals. This list is not comprehensive - if you have an idea for a way to move the community forward, send a message to the Teach with Video email list:

Expand the existing collections

Add a video to the catalog »

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Develop new open-source shared video resources

These new videos should cover common, challenging topics that cross over a range of classes, such as:

  • Compositional vs. mechanical Earth layers
  • Structural three-point problems
  • Fundamental physical phenomena that could be readily recorded with cell phone cameras
  • Common misconceptions

Add to the existing web pages

Making Video

Using Video

Assessing Impacts

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Engage our community

  • Join and use the email list! Anyone may join and send messages to the Teach with Video email list:
  • Add a topic to our ongoing Discussion Board
  • Help find convenient online mediums for sharing information, such as WebEx, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, RSS feeds, and Google+
    • Ensure the site allows for uploads and will be accessible by all
    • Enlist some volunteers to provide oversight and help produce and add information! That's you!
  • Initiate or participate in monthly, quarterly or bi-annual conference calls to share new ideas and update resource pages
  • Host a meeting session at a national conference such as AGU or GSA