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The following resources were collected, in part, during the Spring 2014 virtual workshop on Designing and Using Video in Undergraduate Geoscience Education. Our growing community of contributors continues to add to these resources. Please be a part of this group by joining our email list.

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YouTube channels

YouTube geoscience video link compilations from Scott Brande (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Links in the files below were generously provided by Scott Brande (University of Alabama at Birmingham), a participant in the Spring 2014 workshop. Most links are geoscience in nature and direct to particular channels found on YouTube the sponsors of which represent a broad diversity of academia, businesses and corporations, governments, and scientific organizations. A few categories are sparsely populated to illustrate the potential for future discoveries of geoscience video, i.e., animations made for trials).

Part of the "hard" work in locating online pedagogically appropriate videos is the time it takes to both search for channels with documentary content (e.g., climate, natural resources, mining, etc.), but also the time it takes to browse individual channels for videos specific to a particular topic (cleavage of calcite, pyroclastic flow, etc.).

Contributions to these broad categories, and others yet to be identified, will richly reward the community of geoscience educators, and others, and lead to an exponential increase in discovery, documentation, and dissemination.

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