Initial Publication Date: September 12, 2014

Designing and Producing Effective Geoscience-Education Videos

During the Spring 2014 virtual workshop on Designing and Using Video in Undergraduate Geoscience Education, participants discussed the biggest challenges they faced in video development. The common theme was time; in particular the time required to learn and use technology, to design thoughtfully, and to eventually pull everything together to produce high-quality effective videos. The first and best piece of advice for all video developers: If your institution has an Educational TV or recording studio, they can help you make videos for your classes. Leverage their expertise with design and production.

The purpose of this section of our Teaching with Video website is to assist in the time challenge by sharing ideas, best practices, tips, and examples of how each of us handles the job.

5-minute How-To Videos

These videos showcasing different technologies and design processes were created for the Spring 2014 workshop. We have collected them here to help you develop videos of your own. They include tips and techniques for both video and audio.

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A series of pages devoted to key design and production issues:

The above resources were developed, in part, during the Spring 2014 Virtual Workshop on Designing and Using Video in Undergraduate Geoscience Education. Our growing community of contributors continues to add to these resources.

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