Workshop Working Groups

One of the main aims of the workshop Teaching Structural Geology in the 21st Century is to develop plans for collecting and creating new materials 1) in key thematic areas, 2) in areas that are not currently incorporated in most structural geology courses, and 3) in areas that link structural geology to other courses that our students take.

Each participant in the TSG workshop is now part of a working group tasked with collecting, developing, and posting materials to the Teaching Structural Geology Resource Collections. If you did not attend this workshop and would like to contribute to one of the working groups listed below, please contact Barbara Tewksbury at Hamilton College (

You can access the web page for each working group by clicking on the links below:

Working Group 1: Applications of structural geology to other disciplines

Working Group 2: Integrating structural geology, petrology, tectonics, and geochronology to solve geologic problems

Working Group 3: Integrating geophysics and EarthScope into structural geology courses

Working Group 4: Grain scale deformation processes, microstructures, and teaching the processes of formation of structures

Working Group 5: Effective use of computers in teaching structural geology

Working Group 6: Modeling structural processes

Working Group 7: Integrating field work, field trips, and long-term projects into classroom/lab activities