Resources for Teaching Structural Geology

This is a collection of teaching resources for those who teach structural geology. There are several different types of collections of teaching materials, as seen in the list below.

Activities and Assignments for use in the classroom, lab, and field, as well as out-of-class activities and projects. There is also a table of contents listing of all activities that presents an alternative way to browse activities.

Visualizations to help teach structural geology concepts to students.

Articles that are accessible to undergraduate structural geology students.

Geologic Maps useful for teaching structural geology. This collection includes maps that are available in print form, as well as those available in digital form.

Applications of Structural Geology to Other Disciplines that illustrate the relevance of structural geology to geological problem-solving in other disciplines.

Computer Applications useful for teaching structural geology or that provide support for teaching structural geology.

Analog Materials that can be useful for helping students understand the behavior of materials and the development of structures. The collection includes brief comments about how each item can be used.

Internet Resources useful for teaching structural geology. These links may relate specifically to teaching structural geology or may provide support for teaching structural geology.

Do you have classroom or field activities, articles, maps or other materials that you like to teach with? Please share your teaching materials to the collection, using our online submission tools.