Modeling structural processes

What do we want to accomplish?

The working group will focus on resources and activities that allow students to model structural processes and the properties of materials.

The broad goals of all working groups are:

1) Seek out and collect existing resources.
2) Establish and carry out a strategy for testing and reviewing those materials.
3) Discuss how to facilitate the use modeling in structural geology and what additional resources are needed.
4) Plan and carry out a post-workshop strategy for collecting existing resources and developing new ones.

The specific goals of the "modeling" working groups are:

1) Determine how to evaluate the effectiveness of modeling toward undergraduate education.
2) Develop a list of one time and ongoing cost categories for affordable models.
3) Determine what models motivate/excite students.
4) Create a library of useful models.
5) Determine what makes a good model for use in the classroom; Determine what makes a good model for exploring scientific ideas.
6) Assess what the goals of modeling are and determine how to assess their success.
7) Determine the basic skills that undergraduates can develop through modeling.
8) Specify how scientists use models in their work and how to incorporate the essence of that into an undergraduate curriculum.

The participants are:
Michele Cooke, University of Massachusetts
Juliet Crider, Western Washington University
Dazhi Jiang, University of Maryland
Phillip Resor, Wesleyan University
John Stimac, Eastern Illinois University
Basil Tikoff, University of Wisconsin
Jaime Toro, West Virginia University