Effective Use of Computers in Teaching Structural Geology

Computers constitute an essential and powerful tool, which can be incorporated in myriad ways into all structural geology courses. Accordingly, this working group will focus on how computers can be used most effectively to help students learn structural geology. The group will seek out and encourage development of exemplary resources that use computers to accomplish what books, paper, and pencil can't accomplish effectively or efficiently.

We encourage you to contribute information about computer resources that you have found useful for teaching structural geology or simply provide support for teaching structural geology.

View the collection of computer resources for structural geology.

Working Group Members

  • Robert Burger (Smith College)
  • Ann Bykerk-Kauffman (California State University, Chico)
  • Lawrence Guth (Fitchburg State College)
  • Stephen Hurst (University of Illinois)
  • Angela Moore (Guilford College)
  • Charles Onasch (Bowling Green State University)
  • Stephen Reynolds (Arizona State University)
  • Francisco San Juan (Elizabeth City State University)

If you are interested in joining this working group, please send an email to Robert Burger at Smith College: (rburger@email.smith.edu)