Dept of Geoscience / Geography : Geodetics (including GPS)

New Jersey City University

Contact Information

William Montgomery


Jersey City

New Jersey

Instrument Type

Geodetics (including GPS)
Trimble GeoExplorer 3; Leica GPS 1200; Leica Total Station

Typical Use:

Mapping grade and survey-grade GPS equipment and total station.

Conditions for Use:

Please make contact for discussion of use.

Educational Use:

Class demonstrations for undergraduates
Demonstrations for K-12
Undergraduate research projects
Graduate research projects
Tutorials and other educational materials are available

These units have great flexibility and are excellent adjuncts in GIS education. The Trimble units in particular offer great ease of use. Detailed instructions for use are available from the contact.

Support provided by:

Equipment purchased with NSF funds from DUE 0088576 and 0410900.