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The fields of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry have made significant contributions to the geosciences, the larger scientific enterprise, and to society. Please submit your recommendations of the most important breakthroughs in the fields of mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry to geoscience research including the methodologies, techniques, discoveries, impacts, benefits, and the scientists who have made significant new contributions.

To contribute a submission, you may either start a new thread, or add additional information to an existing thread. Simply start a new thread by using the tab below, or browse through the archive and add a new comment to any of the previously defined topics. Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry are an integral part of the geosciences, and we need to proactively demonstrate our accomplishments to our peers in related geo-disciplines, to the larger science community, and to funding and other advisory agencies. Please contribute in a positive manner to help ensure the long-term health of the mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry disciplines.

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412 1173472069 Historical Scientists
Dave Mogk Mar, 2007
2 1198854496 The Darwin family should definitely be on the ...
Ben Edwards Dec, 2007
413 1173482307 MPG Foundations of Geology
Dave Mogk Mar, 2007
5 1538383906 It would be a big impact on your performence ...
ankit saini Oct, 2018
414 1173483046 MPG in Service to Society
Dave Mogk Mar, 2007
1 1173483266 Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry (MPG) ...
Dave Mogk Mar, 2007
415 1173483299 New Frontiers of MPG Research
Dave Mogk Mar, 2007
1 1173484207 New frontiers of discovery are continually being ...
Dave Mogk Mar, 2007
435 1176977096 M and P contribution to Archaeometry
Lorenzo Lazzarini Apr, 2007
1 1176977479 Dear Dave, I would like to remind you the ...
Lorenzo Lazzarini Apr, 2007
437 1177631548 Mineralogy and Art History
Sumit Chakraborty Apr, 2007
1 1177631998 I do not remember all the details of it - but a ...
Sumit Chakraborty Apr, 2007
438 1177632424 Mineral Physics and mineralogy
Sumit Chakraborty Apr, 2007
2 1177679062 Sumit, The mineral deep in the earth is not ...
Eric Essene Apr, 2007
1120 1241021471 anyone using JMOL in teaching
Andrea Bair Apr, 2009
1 1241021687 Hi, I've been working with Joe Smyth here at ...
Andrea Bair Apr, 2009

Why was this site developed? How will the responses be used? This discussion board was developed in response to the discussions on the MSA email list regarding the exclusion of mineralogy in the list of geoscience disciplines recognized by the US National Research Council. The intent of this site is to aggregate evidence of the significant contributions made by these disciplines. The results will be compiled in a "white paper" that can be disseminated through professional societies and to NRC, NSF, other funding agencies, and to geoscience departments at colleges and universities to demonstrate the importance, relevance and centrality of mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry to the geosciences and beyond. Questions and comments, please contact David Mogk (Mogk AT montana.edu), Dept. Earth Sciences, Montana State University, USA.

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