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Image and Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Montana State University

Contact Information

Dr. Recep Avci

406 994-4199




Instrument Type

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that is equipped with an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS), back-scattered electron detector (BSE), cryogenic sample stage, and cathodoluminescence detector (CL) with monochrometer.



Typical Use:

Conditions for Use:

User Fees:

Contact the lab manager for fee information.

Instrument Priorities:

ICAL MSU is a user facility open to both academic and commercial use. Instrumentation is available for funded research, class demonstrations, academic visitors, and commercial use.

Remote Use:


Sample Preparation:

Samples should be clean (no fingerprints) and dry (limited moisture content, oil-free). Thumbnail-sized samples or smaller, thin sections, powders, etc. are convenient, but larger samples up to 6" diameter might be accommodated.

Standard Collections/Lab Blanks:


Currently we are using the Roentec EDS software, including the digital imaging and Xflash mapping. Hard copies of data, including photo-quality prints of images and maps available. EDS spectra and analysis can be copied to Word documents, or output in x,y format.

Educational Use:

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